Sunday, March 31, 2013

MOTU Classics Jitsu Action Figure Review !!!!!

Hello there people i won't be much around for awhile as i taking a longer break this time from doing toy reviews at the moment. The reason is i wanna take a break that's all. Get some time off the usual thing i do to entertain all of you with my interesting posts of toy collections and action figure. But don't worry i am still around in my facebook and youtube channel as well to do random toy reviews but not so regularly at the moment. But this will be the last post for this month to sum up all my latest collections and future ongoing ones as well.

Well this is my latest action figure from the Master Of The Universe Classics.

He's called Jitsu !!!!

Jitsu has a non movable Metallic type arm as you can see here. That is the downside of this action figure but overall this hand looks cool on him. I just couldn't get this part of his hand to grab any weapon though !!!!

The back of his body as you can see as a kind of holder towards the top of his neck. This 2 holders are to hold his so called knife type of weapons. 

This is the long orange sword which comes with his package. 

Like i said to you from the earlier pictures of Jitsu's back the weapons sit in nicely towards the back holders.

I think this was one of the innovative type of holder to come with this action figure. So the long sword and this 2 mini swords are the only accessories which comes with Jitsu.

And this is the close up of Jitsu !!!! Boy his beard, lips and eyebrows are purely awesome in craftsmanship.

This i should give to Mattycollector for having such an awesomely designed figure ....

Well people i have ended the toy review and i will be back soon !!!!!

See ya !!! Enjoy !!!!

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