Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack Unleashed First Edition Optimus Prime !!!!

Recently i had very little time to open up my toys let alone buying them !!!! Well never even had a chance to open up fully this past package i had from the Transformers Prime entertainment Pack ( First Edition ). So finally i decided to take out this particular character and decided to do a short review about it. Hope you guys will accept this short and precise review as i am saving the best for last with other hot cool toy reviews coming your way.

Transformers Prime First Edition Entertainment Pack Optimus Prime.

And here featuring him holding his big cannon looking gun. I particularly like this toy because of the vibrant colors added to it. The red and blue effect on this toy is fantastic. Colors are done well and are very well balanced. It seems Hasbro concentrated very well in designing carefully the Transformers Prime toys compared to the Dark of the moon movie toys. 

Another cool pose of Optimus Prime and his cannons. Talking about cannons the latest episode of Transformers Prime Season 2 episode 6 is called loose cannons. You should check out the series because Wheeljack returns to join the Autobots and in this particular episode there is lots of fighting action and the first time Wheeljack transforms into his much anticipated vehicle mode !!!!

This is a pose i did without his cannon blaster gun !!!!

Yet another close up of our Optimus Prime. It seems its a bit difficult for Hasbro to come up with the details of the eyes on Optimus Prime !!!!

And as usual the Hand raise for all my Transformers Prime toys !!!!!

Next the Vehicle mode of Optimus Prime which is equally as cool as his robot form !!!!

As you can see here the cannon which Optimus holds in his hands in my earlier pictures fits into the back of the truck mode in vehicle mode !!!!

The rear view with the cannon on the back and on my next picture below is the back view without his cannon on the back of the vehicle.

The top view to give you an idea how it looks like.

And last but not least the Front view of Optimus Prime's Vehicle Mode.

This is a Fantastic toy to collect if you haven't got it. Go and get your Transformers Prime First Edition Entertainment pack today before they are all gone. More hot toy reviews coming your way. There will be lots of interestting stuff in the next few days and weeks of my review.

There will be lots of surprises for you guys !!!!!