Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flick Trix Mini Bicycles Sold for the First time in Toys "R" Us Singapore !!!!!!

Hello there people went to Toys "R" Us Singapore today around my neighbourhood today and was really surprised that they sold Flick Trix Mini bicycles !!!! I think they are trying out the market to see whether these bikes were actually sellable so they brought in a reasonably small quantity. But never the less i have brought these bike back in the USA and Canada some years back and boy they are awesomely cool.

Just to show you 2 Master pieces which i bought myself. These are actually scale models of the actual stunt bikes which you see some stunt bikers have themselves.And i am really happy that these scaled models have actually hit the retail commercially here in Asia.

This is another series from the Flick Trix Collection called Bomber bikes. It's totally out of this world. The design is really awesome and you must take note that all the bike parts are all diecast and can be used to do several stunts with you hands.

This is the back of the package of the Bomber bike from the above picture.

And here coming up next is the picture of my bike taken out of the package it's the first bike which is called the GT Pro Performer Retro design bike. You must take note that these bikes are just the size of my hands. 

Just to give you the feel of having this toy in my possession...well i must say the feeling is really awesome and i really feel so excited to get more mini-bikes like this into my ongoing toy collections so very much.

You can see more size and detailed specs of this toy on my Youtube channel where i have taken the toy out of the package for a full video review of the movement and the entire bicycles features as well.

Rest assured make sure you don't buy this for you toddler or kid below the age of 9 !!! simply because it has small parts which can easily choke and average small kid. And this is simply an adult toy collection thing. It's meant for brief play and to be displayed in a show case of small mini bikes.

Well more toys are coming up here in my bog so keep it here people and i will see you all really soon. Happy toy collecting.