Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Voyager Class Starscream Long review !!!!!

After much fan base support to this blog of mine people have asked me to review this particular action figure vehicle for review. Actually i had other toys (really hot ones to review) but decided to go back to the basics of reviewing the latest stuff as they are more popular in demand and in reviews too !!!!

But don;t be surprised this is a somewhat short review because it was raining outside my area and i just couldn't get more time to take the pictures i wanted to take but !!!!! it's enough for a normal toy review as i couldn't do much with this particular action figure because it's a bit rigid and not fully poseable as such.

Well enough said this is the new Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Voyager Class Starscream !!!!!

Actually this time Starscream is much bigger in size but there isn't much interesting things i would like in action figure actually. As you can see the colors are rather mix matched in comparison to the earlier Deluxe version. The bright red color in between his body is actually very unnecessary because as you know Starscream has a rather dull looking color but for this version he is very brightly colored and doesn't really make him look that good as an improvement to this earlier version (that is the First Edition).

The look from behind which still looks ok but i really can't agree with the painting job done with this particular toy. I find that he really doesn't match the color of what he looks like in the animated series. The color is off completely.

This bright reddish neon looking colors near his legs and upper limbs spoil the look doesn't it because it looks really awkward and really very unmatched with his overall color (well that's what i think).

The pictures shown above are the weapon which comes with this action figure toy. The weapon is kinda weird too, cos i never thought that Starscream usually carries this type of weapon. Well it was given so my job is to show the entire thing to you for the review.

And as usual the close up of Starscream's face. Well i must say the facial feature for this toy is extremely accurate to the Animated series. It's almost similar. Well that was a job well done at least.

And here is a comparison of the existing Starscream compared with the First edition Deluxe version of himself. Very big differences in coloration and size and the overall design itself. Go figure !!!!

And my signature pose for all Transformers Prime toys.

Next will be the Vehicle mode of Starscream.

Damn the jet mode seems over colored too with bright reddish colors everywhere right !!!!

Giving you a top view of the Jet mode of Starscream gives you an idea so to whether the jet is over colored and strange or is it good enough for you !!!! Well this i leave it to you to decide and review for yourself. Well for me i find the jet looks completely strange in color and very funny in design as well.

This is the weapon being fitted into Starscream in Jet mode. 

Well i don't know why they came up with this design for Starscream's weapon but when the attached this way to the Jet mode makes the front a bit strange in looks and bulky as well. A very unusual weapon for this jet mode.

Well just made this pose for fun for Starscream and this will be the last picture for the entirety of this review.

And all i can say is if you a person who doesn't care much about design and arts and concepts then you will definitely get this toy whether it's nice or not but for me i have collected it for the sake of completing my Transformers Prime toys collection.

And furthur more i am a bit dissappointed with the coloration and overall improvement of this toy because it could have been done better in design and colorations. But nevertheless every toy has it's flaws and this is just one concept which was one of it.

But you can get this toy if you a great Starscream Fan and collector. Well for me i already got it. So i'm not impressed that very much about it so i'll just leave this decision to you people for comments and reviews as  such. More great reviews coming up. Bye for now