Saturday, April 14, 2012

Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Voyager Class Bulkhead and Starscream Exclusive !!!!! Just Released !!!!!

Dear fans i just bought today what all you Transformers Fans were waiting out there, a release of Starscream in the Voyager class series and a re-release of Bulkhead again in the Transformers Prime (Robots in disguise) Voyager class series. It's finally hit in the stores in Singapore. And i hope you guys out there can be happy about it. and here below are the pictures.

Yes people this is the real deal and i wouldn't want you all to miss the chance to get these toys. And let me tell you something they are running out fast. I tell ya !!!! I saw 10 then suddenly later i saw just 4 within 4 hours !!!! My my hot hot stuff !!!! This you definitely cannot miss. 

Bulkhead especially seems to be extremely popular after the First Edition Transformers Prime Voyager version were all gone. So those people who couldn't get it wen to get it.

Larger Pictures for you to get a clearer view of stuff.

Well guys enough said go grab this bunch of hot stuff before they are all really gone !!!! And just wait for my next update and reviews coming up shortly of all the hot toys in the Market.