Saturday, December 17, 2011

Transformers PRIME Entertainment Pack (Exclusive Update)

Here i have the latest edition in my ongoing collection of Transformers toys.

The Transformers Prime First Edition Entertainment Pack.

This pack is very interesting it has the Leaders of the 2 Factions and the Human kids who are related to the series together with it.

This is the back of the package which features the Transformations of the characters to thier individual vehicle modes. 

This Entertainment pack is definitely needed if you want to explain the start of the Transformers PRIME Series and the First Edition toys which came with it. I have bought extras of all toys to play with for my own and also for display. So the new pack of toys always remain brand new as always.

This is the side of the packages as you can see here. I like both sides of the box as they show both logos of the autobots and decepticons. The box itself is worth the keep.

For Transformers PRIME as you can see in the box the story line really differs from it's generation 1 counterpart and also from the movie itself. The storyline is created of it's own especially for this series and a whole new rivalry but it still is with the original characters which has always evolved since Generation 1 till now.

The top of the package showing both autobot and decepticon logos and also the First edition print. Cool isn't it. I like the description of the words FIRST EDITION makes it look so exclusive and absolutely the number 1 series in the toyline.

A close look of the child characters involved in the series. From left they are Jack, Raf and Miko.

In this series the children play an important role in association with the autobots. The autobots are inter dependant as similarly with the kids with the characters. And this makes it more interesting as they have thier association with the human and robots. And the story picks up entirely in a different perspective.

A Closer look of Optimus prime in the package.


                                          And a Closer look of Megatron in the package.

A closer zoom in of how Optimus prime looks like.

And look at the extreme close up of Megatron. I must say i usually never choose much about the toys i buy but Decepticons are lot cooler and fiercer in thier looks and character. And i like the purple color which makes Megatron look so deadly . It's because of Dark energon the blood of unicron which flows through him like what they had mentioned in the series.

And as you can see here in this lat picture i have featured they have a DVD in the package from the series called Masters and students. This is one entertainment pack you got to get if you haven't got Megatron. That is because he hasn't been packed seperately like all the other characters in the  First Edition series.
So get your Entertainment pack and get Megatron and the kids too.