Monday, December 5, 2011

Transformers Generations (Thunderwing)

This is Thunderwing from Transformers Generations.

Thunderwing is A Decepticon Mega Pretender . He is Cruel and power hungry. Well thats what they say in Generation 1.

A Side view of Him 

A Rear view of Him. Thunderwings design of this toy Reminds me of Megatron from the first movie because the wings looks similar to him when Megatron was a cybetronian jet from the first movie. Don't you think so?

These are the cannons taken from his wings and mounted on his hands.

This cannons serve as his guns when in his robot form.

A Side view of the right side of thunderwing to give you a clear view of what this toy looks like in different angled poses. Well i must say i'm fascinated !!!!

Yup like i told you the side pose of another side of Thunderwing cool huh .

And a very good close up shot of Thunderwing's Face showing his cannons i find this a very fierce and evil pose considering the face of the toy itself which looks so sinister .

And this is the Jet Thunderwing Transforms into in vehicle mode.

This is the top view i took of the jet so you could see the overall look of the Jet.

A front look of the jet

A Front forward angled look of the jet.

Just made another angled top view

And finally .....

A taking off mode which i think looks so neat cos it looks like it's taking off from the runway from this view.

Well as far as i am concerned when it comes to thunderwing it's worth a collect .
It has changed drastically from it's earlier editions and the design is rally cool,and neat and it's a great toy to be collected by a transformers fan and collectors alike.

Definitely a cool collection for me .