Saturday, December 10, 2011

Transformers Generations (Wheeljack)

This is Wheeljack From Transformers Generations toyline.

Actually there isn't much difference between him and his previous Generation 1 version.
The colors are still the same but the toy is more flexible now compared to the rigid squarish earlier versions.
Hasbro has a done a good job reproducing all this Generation 1 characters once again.

Here he is holding his cannons in his hands

An angled look of him.

A look of him from behind

This is how he looks when the cannon from his hands which he was holding goes on top of his shoulders.

A front look of him with his cannons.

Side view

and another side view

And lastly a cool pose !!!!

And this is what he looks like when he becomes a car.

Really cool ain't it. Took this angle in purpose so that the vehicle is best viewed.

A full top view of the Car

A side angled view of the car, notice the cannons on his hands before has become the exhaust pipes for his vehicle form.

The other angle view and here his other cannon exhaust pipe on the underneath of the car

Behind the vehicle

Front of the vehicle

And finally a close up of the rear of the vehicle.

As far as i am concerned go get this toy if you don't got it.

This is definitely a Transformers collector's choice especially for me.

It's a cool designed robot and car and definitely a Classic Transformers toy in the making.

Later !!!!