Sunday, December 4, 2011

Autobot Blaster (Commemorative Edition)

Manage to get my Hands on this Classic. Although i must say it's not as great as the new toys being released but it's a classic considering it was a generation 1 toy and transformers fans around the world who were familiar would definitely like this set for thier own for a time where they couldn't get it. 

Well here it's back agian. But unfortunately this pieces are really rare. Well i have 5 sets of it !!! Brand new.

The Cover of the package

The Front Cover of the Box

A Close up shot of the contents inside the box.
Blaster and his three assasin robots !!!!

And last but not least a Full Overview of the Toy packaging.

Hope you old transformers die hard fans and collectors can relate to this particular robot because it was shown most of the times in the 80's Generation 1 cartoons along with soundwave.

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