Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soundwave (DOTM Human Alliance) Exclusive update !!!!

Check it out man

See what i have got the Human alliance From the DOTM Movie.


Always wanted this toy . I don't care what you people say about it. As far as a collector as concerned this is definitely one of my classics which i will keep for my own.

Even though the robot isn't all that great. But the Car itself the Mercedes SLS AMG is one great vehicle . If it's not for Soundwave i will definitely buy for the vehicle that he transforms into. Yup.

This is the package from the back yup people.

The real stuff here.

I'll be reviewing him very soon to let you fans out there see the toy out of this particular package which you fans will definitely want to see eagerly. And maybe kids too who likes transformers. They will definitely ask thier parents to buy them one.

Seeya soon !!!