Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cliffjumper (Transformers PRIME) Exclusive update

This is Cliffjumper from Transformers PRIME. The new toys which i have recently collected.
The Series just started recently and i am done seeing all of them, and that is the whole of season one.I would say that Transformers Prime is better then Transformers animated, the characters have more charisma and more solid in design.

As like I said Cliffjumper. Cliffjumper's character starts immidiately when the first episode of Transformers PRIME Starts. The voice impersonation of Cliffjumper is (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) in the series.

The Transformers Generation version of Cliffjumper is also Red but he looks very much like Bumblebee from the same toyline Transformers Generations.

This version of Cliffjumper is one of the coolest i have seen so far. The colors are perfect and the toy has equal proportions on both it's left and right side.

This is Cliffjumper on the Display stand which is given with every Transformers PRIME toy you buy. Transformers PRIME toys make great display as toys because they look more like a robot statues then a toy. And the display stand greatly accounts to that.

The display stand has an autobot logo on the left as you can see. Cliffjumper looks equally amazing even when taken sideways in his display stand.

On the right side of the display stand is the Decepticon logo. Amazing isn't it. I'm actualy surprised that they didn't feature ironhide in this Transformers Prime Series or even Jazz. This are one the 2 key characters which are usually around for the Autobots just like soundwave and starscream are which are the main decepticons together with Megatron. I don't iknow maybe they wanted to change the whole storyline for this new series, I suppose.

Wanted to make a pose of Cliffjumper in this direction because i think it's cool considering Cliffjumper his legs are a bit flexible but not really movable in all directions. There are only limited poses you can make with this character. But nevertheless it's possible but you got to be patient with the limbs and be able to make a good solid pose with this particular toy.

This is the same picture from above it's just taken i a different Angle. But i like this particular pose becasue it looks as though Cliffjumper is going to punch you in the kisser, well that's what i think. Like i said some toys like this when taken in a different angle with the same poses looks somewhat different in the reaction of the character itself so that makes it special.

A real close up of Cliffjumper. As you can see with the character in the Transformers Prime series it looks exactly the same. Hasbro has done a great job in actually making the toy look exactly like in the animated cartoon itself. It's amazing.

A rear end pose and side poses i could make with this toy. I find it quite cool. Actually Ciffjumper didn't even comeout in the Transformers movies as well and i also don't know why. Would have been cool if they had comeout with his character but then again what car would he be????

And this is one cool final pose i did with Cliffjumper. Considering him to be the coolest Bright red character in the Transformers Prime Series. But he gets brutally attacked in the first opening episode of Transformers Prime by the Vehicons and Arcee and the autobots didn't come in time to save him. And he gets dragged to Megatron's ship where starscream brutalises him even more.

Cliffjumpers vehicle form. This looks like a Ford Mustang concept vehicle. Since it's animated it dosen't have a vehicle's brand name on it. But check out the horns on the vehicle it represents The rock's Bull tattoo which is printed in his arm. I think they used The Rock ( Dwayne Johnson ) to get the inspiration for this particular vehicle and thats why they have even featured his voice for Cliffjumper.

A great looking vehicle for Cliffjumper's form. It reminds me of a vehicle which a cowboy has and he parks the vehicle in his farm. Well that's what it looks like don't you think.

The Cowboy horns in this vehicle form of Cliffjumper is i think the coolest of them all considering Transforemrs vehicles only having more weapons and missiles mounted on them.

This is definitely a down to earth concept of a country side vehicle which nobody will ever suspect that it actually transforms into a robot !!!

The tires of Cliffjumper's vehicle form are really cool too it's uniquely made the front tires are smaller then the back tires of the vehicle.

i would definitely recommend you transformers fans out there to buy this toy if you haven't got it. Since he is already dead and destroyed in the first season. This toy will very soon be extinct. So get yours today people cheerz !!!!