Saturday, December 17, 2011

DOTM (Deluxe) Autobot Ratchet Review

It's Been a while since i updated this blog. But don't worry i always keep it coming. and here have the new Toy in my collection called Ratchet From Dark of the Moon.

Yes that's him alright. I have always loved Ratchet because of his awesome coloring for this particular movie DOTM which i think is the best of all the other versions of him from the previous Transformers movies.

This particular toy is very flexible in it's movement and i find it easy to transform considering how complicated some of the transformers toys are. This version of ratchet is one of the easiest to transform. Made this pose to let you see the flexibility of the toy and the extent of this cool pose.

Ratchets hands are not flexible though the reason being the weapon fits into his hands perfectly. So that's why to create the grip the hands were deliberately made this way. Well i think so ... but nevertheless his arms can still move up and down and sideways too like in this picture above.

This close up shot of ratchet is really cool and so perfect. I'm fascinated by it because the face of his is exactly like in the movie and it's done very well to look like the actual character in the movie. His colors are bright and very unique.

A sideways view of ratchet to get a clearer view of the toy and it still looks awesome considering his shape in general . Ratchet has always been a character existing from generation 1 where he was a white ambulance and simple in design to the movie version of what he is now. Still a rescue ambulance and a medical officer of the autobots.

Another cool pose for die hard fans out there who wants to get a clearer view of our fantastic Ratchet.This view of him as you can see his legs apart and hands up and still is the toy is in balance. I like toys which have good balance in order to make different poses and be able to balance even when something is mounted or put on the toy, makes it easier for display. And a good example is Ratchet.

The back of ratchet the spare tire on the top of the vehicle goes behind him and stays there when he transforms into a robot ans the doors have very clear autobot logos to show his alliance with the autobots.

Weapon mounted in his hands and still the toy has a great balance.

A clearer view of how his weapon looks like with a great outward arm stretched pose !!!!
Looks cool. Ratchets weapon in this deluxe version is a great looking one.It's kinda like a saw a round saw that is.But this weapon wasn't seen in the movie though just like the other autobots they were just using normal guns to fight thier way.But this weapon was included in the toy like an extra bonus.

This is the cool hummer which Ratchet transforms into. Got a clearer closer shot so you can see the details of the vehicle in good ambience.

The other side of the hummer which i took i find the tires of the toy to be very cool. It looks like an off road dirt tire.And it really goes well with the vehicle as well don't you think.

View from behind of the hummer I especially like the white colors with the green contrast. Brings out the details of the toy itself.

Look from behind the vehicle as you can see the spare tire of the hummer goes on top of the vehicle. 

A top angled view i find it a very good way of focusing on the overall vehicle.
This view is somewhat dynamic and focused on the vehicle. Ratchet's vehicle mode looks very much like a real vehicle don't you think so?

Hasbro has a done a good job in making the latest toys very detailed and very real too.

A look of the weapon mounted on top of the vehicle.

As you can see the spare tire on top of the vehicle has a slot available for the weapon to sit in nicely and aligned for being mounted.

Yup and finally the side view of how the weapon looks like on top of the vehicle.

Generally i find this toy to be a collector's item. A great creation and a great vehicle to collect.
The toy is a deluxe though the smallest version ever created for the movie version of Ratchet, but nevertheless still looks equally cool. Get this toy as it is one of the most important characters in the Transformers timeline and also the movies itself. Ratchet appears in all the transformers movies and is a character which i think won't go off that easily in many more Transformers series to come be it a movie or an animated cartoon.