Monday, September 26, 2011

Megatron From First Transformers movie (Blue Color)

This is the original Megatron voyager toy from the first Transformers movie ......

It's one of my Favourite collections considering megatron always changes form in every transformers movie franchise.

This is the close up of the Blue Megatron !!!!!

Isn't this toy awesome and cool ????

I really love it .

This is an angled view i took of the toy so that you could see the angles of the toys poses and parts in general a very awesome toy !!!!

I find the Voyager toys from the First Transformers movie very fantastic in design and very authentic too. This toy can't be found no more though.

Another side pose of the Fantastic Megatron !!!

This is the whole vesrion of Megatron from a full Frontal view....

The plane Megatron transforms into ....

All in all what i can some up to say is that anybody who collects transformers toys in general will always collect Megatron as it's the most essential decepticon leader which is the most significant and the most important in the transformers timeline.

Cheers everybody more collections of my toys are coming up !!!! I'm showing all my collections for all of you to share with me your collections too !!!!