Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sony Playstation 1 Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 2 ( For Sale ) Pm or Comment To Enquire !!!

Now i'm gonna feature you a classic compilation of games in one disc from the playstation 1 in the year 1998. Yes you heard me  ... and that was like 20 years ago !!!

This compilation is an almost mint condition complete with all catalogue and the disc is in perfect shape. This one is for sale though !!! 

I'm still into retro games till now as i guess since i was from the 80's i grew up with this earlier stuff and though the games now are still much better to play with i guess i still stick with the basics now and then and reverse back to my childhood times .... 

This is the front part of the Disc Cover in the above picture ...

And this is the back part of the Disc Cover in the above picture ... this game is NTSC-U/C Compatible for the US / Canada Region Playstation 1.

Do take note that this is a must have for any playstation fan who has ever had the first game system which i did !!!

As you can see from the above pictures the original playstation game disc is black at the bottom ... and not shiny like a regular pirated or copied Disc.

I have taken out the disc to show all that is complete .

The Above picture is the front part of the Disc.

Generally what i would say that having playstation 1 in your collection is ultimately awesome !!! Who knows you may be wanted in the playstation hall of Fame to show how Playstation has come up with so many games which are not produced anymore .... so every playstation system game is unique to its game system only and i guess thats what makes the playstation an awesome gaming device till now.

Ill leave you all to get back to me if anyone of you is interested to get this item from me !!! See ya'll soon

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